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Changes and updates for the Guffey Fire website, generated automatically from my git commits, and made publicly available to foster transparency by informing interested parties what modifications have been made, and when. Commit comments aren't submitted for approval, nor are they checked for accuracy or grammatical correctness. These are not to be interpreted as being sanctioned by, or an official communication of, the Southern Park County Fire Protection District.

2017-02-04 - Posted Board Minutes and Treasurer Report.

Posted Board Meeting Minutes for January 04, 2017. Posted Treasurer's Report for December 2016.
Source: Secretary Mike Brandt and Treasurer Sandra Rucker, respectively.

2017-02-02 - Posted January 2017 Treasurer's Report.

Posted Treasurer Report for January 2017.
Source: Treasurer Sandra Rucker.

2017-02-01 - Posted February 2017 Agenda.

Posted Board Agenda for February 02, 2017.
Source: Board Chair Ken Thomas.

2017-01-05 - Posted December 2016 Board Minutes.

Posted approved board meeting minutes for December 08, 2016.
Source: Secretary Mike Brandt.

2017-01-03 - Posted Agenda and statutory documents.

Posted Board Agenda for January 05, 2017, Board Meeting Schedule for 2017, and transparency notice for 2017.
Source: Board Chair Ken Thomas.

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