Six Year History Of Fund Balances

Over the past several years the District's Board of Directors has worked toward establishing a stronger cash position. Funds have grown from approximately $60,000 at the end of 2006 to an estimated $150,000 at the end of the current (2009) calendar year.

This prudent cash management strategy serves two important functions:

1. It enables the District to respond to unanticipated expenses, such as repairs to critical fire fighting vehicles as they age as well as major repairs to buildings or fire fighting/medical equipment; and

2. It means that the District can create a long-term capital expenditure strategy, allowing for the gradual replacement of obsolete vehicles and equipment over time and providing for additional fire stations (only if justified by population growth).

The following graphs are a visual representation of this information. Click on any of the charts for a larger view of it.

SPCFPD Board 6 Year Budget Chart 01 - Vertical Bar SPCFPD Board 6 Year Budget Chart 02 - Horizontal Bar SPCFPD Board 6 Year Budget Chart 03 - Graphical