Frequently Asked Questions

A repository of answers to somewhat frequently asked questions, to help reduce time spent answering redundantly asked questions.

How can I become part of the fire district?

You need to fill out the Petition for Inclusion in the Fire District, using these instructions.

Does the Guffey Fire site install software to my computer?

No. We don't install any software or services on your computer.

Does the Guffey Fire site use a search engine.

No. No search engines are used on this website.

Who should I contact about [...]?

Contact the Board of Directors for questions and comments regarding the running of the fire district and policies of the fire district, as well as to request officially generated documents you'd like to see posted to the website.

Contact the Fire Chief for questions regarding burn bans, fire safety inspections, community outreach programs, etc.

Contact Fairplay dispatch if you see smoke, a fire, an accident, or have a medical emergency.

Contact the webmasters with content which should be posted; not the Chief.
Also contact the webmasters if you've found broken links, misspelt words, objections to content, or are having trouble accessing the site.